Steel cased bottom driven and open hole augered piles are ideal solutions if poor ground conditions are encountered, or if existing drains are within the proposed footprint. This piling method can prove particularly cost effective and convenient for residential properties, or areas of restricted access because only the width of a standard doorway is required for the piling equipment.

Typically, a single-storey extension measuring 6.0m by 3.0m can usually be completed within 2 to 3 days, dependent upon the pile depth. A 450mm wide by 300mm deep reinforced concrete ground beam would be installed 150mm below existing ground level.

A two-storey extension (with the same footprint as the single-storey example above) would require additional piles due to the increased loading. We would expect to complete the works within 4 to 5 days dependent upon the pile depth. Our reinforced concrete ground beam would be installed to a depth of 150mm below existing ground level and would measure 450mm wide and 450mm deep.

If existing or proposed drainage is required to be placed through our R.C. works, it would be lined with Rockwall or similarly approved lining, subject to the building control officer’s requirements.

In cases where the building contractor has already excavated the trench with a 600mm wide bucket, we can flood the excavations during our concrete pour or use our proprietary shuttering system.