We can install a varying range of piling techniques from top and bottom driven steel cased, Open Hole Augered,  DTHH and ODEX piles.

Safe working loads across our range are achievable of up to 1250kN dependent upon your ground conditions and engineering requirements.

The range of Steel Cased Bottom Driven Piles start at 100mm diameter and include 150mm, 168mm, 220mm, 273mm and 323mm.

Open Hole Augered piles can be installed in diameters of 150mm, 200mm, 250mm and 300mm.

ODEX piles are available in diameters of 220mm and 273mm.

We offer installation of reinforced concrete ground beams and slabs, either to the consulting engineers specification or in-house design calculations. All works are available with full heave protection measures if required.